Friday, August 1, 2008

Sacramento International

Airports can be a very hectic place, right? Especailly if you're running late for your flight, you can't find your boarding pass, your i.d is at the bottom of your purse, or you have take off your sweatshirt, shoes, belt, and empty out your pockets before you can go throught security. It can be frustrating--I know.
Call me crazy, but it's also an emotional place. Have you ever seen the movie 'Love Acutally'? It starts with a great scene at the airport. People are reuniting and so thrilled to see eachother! They hug, laugh, cry. They're so happy. Next time you travel, stop and look around.

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Andrew said...

Great photo. Love your other stuff too.....

Love Actually is a great film. One of my favourites and it just says a lot about the human spirit. You are right, airports show that. More than most places.