Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gray Beauties

I got to hang out with elephants this morning at the PAWS Sanctuary in San Andreas. They're getting ready for their annual fundraiser-- the One & Only Elephant Grape Stomp! That's right--animals can stomp grapes too!
I got a joke for ya: What kind of sound does a grape make when an elephant stomps on it?
Give up? It's makes a little wine. Haha!

PAWS rescues and protects performing animals. They provide a sanctuary for abused, abandoned and retired captive wildlife.

Rebecca is a retired circus elephant....we got to help feed her and her buddy Minnie this morning. I can't even tell you how fascinated I was by these enormous animals!

Elephants eat all day...really. They sleep about 3 to 4 hours at night. They can sleep standing up. When they lay down though...get this...they like to spoon!
They also communicate with sound very much like whales do. They can communicate with elephants as far as 10 miles away!

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